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MetaAutomation is about taking another look at what automation can do for software quality, from a high-level, business-value view; hence the “Meta” of MetaAutomation.

Typically, automation driving the product for quality hides and/or drops most or all this valuable information: How exactly is the product driven and measured, what are the results, and what is the performance at each interaction with the product? This is all valuable information.

MetaAutomation shows how to do what was impossible before:

  • record all that information in a highly trustworthy way
  • report it in a structured format that supports more automation for efficient quality communications
  • Support action items for functional quality at correct priority
  • Allow anybody on the team to see, in a role-appropriate way, what is going on with the product

Here are some benefits for the business of software:

  • No more important defect escapes
  • Product quality always moves forward through development and support
  • Detailed, precise, and correct records of product behavior are accessible to anyone on the larger team who cares about quality, from the high-level business language to the low-level operations driving the check, even across geographically-distributed teams
  • More transparency, clarity and trustworthiness make a happier team

Here are some benefits for the quality role:

  • More automated verifications run faster
  • No more non-actionable false positives from flaky tests
  • Manual test becomes more fun and highly productive
  • Checks over multiple deployment tiers for the Internet of Things

Click on the book to see the paperback and kindle versions on Amazon:

Cover of my latest book, MetaAutomation 3rd Edition

Here is the back cover:

Cover of my latest book, MetaAutomation 3rd Edition

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